The Art of Networking

Gratitude and Values
June 20, 2017

by Steve Leeds

The Leeds Group
Vice President

What exactly is networking and why spend resources on networking activities? Seems obvious to me, but then I've spent my entire career networking. I've been paid to develop networks and introduce people in those networks to the company or companies whom I am representing. So back to the definition of networking: 'Creating a group of acquaintances and associates and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual benefit.’

Nice and simple. First, creating the group. That's the time-consuming piece. In my case, 38 years!! That's right, I still have contacts in my network that I worked with early in my career and I'm still adding new contacts to the list.

Second, keeping it 'active'. That's the fun part for me, as you can see. And why not?? There are many ways to network from posting on Social Medias to attending technical Breakfasts / luncheons to playing a round of golf (I seem a little partial to golf myself!) or riding in a charity bike ride. Whatever you choose, it puts you in a position to either tell your associates and customers about your company and services or hear about new technology available to help you and your company.

Finally, the third part 'regular communication for mutual benefit '. Or what we in the sales world like to call a Win-Win!

This is the founding premise of The Leeds Group as a professional networking company, we can give you the tools and opportunities to network with your friends and associates. Whether you are a service provider or an operator, there is value in networking. Why not make it fun as well as productive??

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