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This is a chance for us to meet and start to know each other. I will learn a little about you and what your goals are for the coaching program as well as your goals in life. You will learn a little about me in order to determine whether I’m the right coach for you and whether we are a good fit.

Discovery Call

Do you feel a desire to become more? That there is more to do in your life? Are there changes you would like to consider but feel stuck and confused? Let’s talk about coaching and the powerful impact it can have in your life. Coaching makes miracles happen!


Are you seeking clarity in your life? Looking for someone to share your experiences and offer a bit of advice on managing through the corporate maze of personalities and changes? I’ve spent 40 years in the oilfield service sector. My experience ranges from lab technician through corporate Vice President. I’ve managed teams and entertained executives. I’m happy to share my experience and knowledge learned to help elevate your career path.


I’ve spent a career in oil and gas technical services. I’ve worked in operations, technical sales, business development, and built strategic relationships.  I also experienced the challenges of being an entrepreneur when I founded a technical laboratory that was later acquired by a large public company. My experiences and contacts can help you build and scale your business. Let’s talk.

Our Services


As a professional coach I possess the talents, techniques, and skills to support my clients in making the right changes in their lives with greater ease and lasting effectiveness. I honor my clients as experts in their life and work, and believe every client is creative, resourceful, and whole. From this foundation, I assist my clients by helping them to:

• Discover what they truly desire

• Recognize their strengths and assets

• Uncover the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that hold them back

• Explore new perspectives

• Gain clarity on values and life purpose

• Identify and end self-defeating habits and patterns

• Clarify goals and create action plans to achieve them

• Learn from mistakes and failures

• Celebrate successes


Often times throughout our careers we face turbulent times that may disrupt our progress and vision of the future. In such times I will help discuss your current situation, assist in considering your various options and set a new vision. Together we will find clarity, determine future directions, and define a specific action plan. This can assist in helping you see blind spots, overcome procrastination and increase productivity. Together we will erase limiting beliefs, shift any negative beliefs and write a new, improved story for your career and your life.


As a professional mentor I bring my 40 years of experience, knowledge, and perspective to the process in a safe environment to think and discuss a variety of issues and challenges. Whether newly promoted, facing an additional workload, involved in an organizational change, or simply facing a job or career change we will seek to improve performance and accelerate your learning and achievements. We will define new ways of working, seek new perspectives and set new goals and objectives. Through deep listening, focused questioning, and empathy, I will provide non-judgmental feedback and accountability leading to greater career success, including promotions, raises, and increased opportunities. 


As a business consultant I help organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. I use my business skills and years of experience to provide objective advice and expertise, and help your organization develop any specialist skills that may be lacking. I act as a neutral third party who can provide your company with an outside perspective about what you are doing wrong and where you can improve while spotting any challenges that may be holding your company back. This can result in essential changes that have the potential to highly benefit your company.



Real People. Real Results

"For anyone questioning Steve’s coaching and mentoring “bona fides” ... please let me say that Steve has always been willing to brainstorm problem solutions with me for Resource Analytics because he just wanted to see my venture be successful. He had no skin in the game ... he just cared. Good luck Steve Leeds with the Leeds Group! Highly recommend you discuss your problematic business issues with him today."

Paul Devine

Founder, Resource Analytics

"On a professional level, Steve has seen it all, good and bad; he isvery knowledgeable about multiple aspects of the oil and gasindustry. On a personal level, he is genuine, and ourconversations are always authentic, inspiring, and motivational."

Brandy Butler

Consulting Geologist (PG) for Energy Sector Projects, Windy Mountain Energy

"Steve has a gift for listening carefully, processing the information and main issues, and subtly suggesting new viewpoints and actions-- often his questions would get me to say what was truly in my heart, or to reconsider choices with a different and more positive perspective.  I highly recommend Steve and The Leeds Group for anyone interested in finding meaning through difficult times, exploring life changes as something to be embraced rather than feared, and in need of a considerate, caring sounding board and supportive coach to help you identify your goals and act on them.!"

Brian G. Ruskin


"I have gotten to know Steve over the past couple of years and particularly in the past 6 months. Every time I meet with him in person, talk on the phone or simply connect on LI, I feed off of his energy. Anyone who is not connected to Steve on LI who needs help in a career transition or general advice during our trying times, please reach out to him and get connected!"

Robert Wright

Consulting Reservoir Engineer


By The Leeds Group

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