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April 9, 2018
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June 15, 2017

Business Statement

Revonos provides software and consulting services for E&P operators to seek peak efficiency. Whether an operator has hundreds of wells or thousands, the resources required to support them and keep them producing at their potential need to be directed. The “which, when and how much” of operations is where Revonos excels. Whether one of our existing models fits your operations or we work with you to develop a new model, our implementation team will work alongside your team to integrate our technology into your organization.

Business Services

 Revonos OR Consulting Services

Our consulting services offer to fit operational models to your existing business (we do not require that your business model change to use our services) and provide decision recommendations grounded in mathematically optimal results on near real-time, short and long-term horizons. The data that is required to run these models can be harvested from disparate sources. We can help to streamline the data pipelines required and implement the processes to support them.

Revonos Limitless Delivery


Hauling optimization is one area of operations that Revonos has turned its expertise into a deliverable product. Our hauling optimizer software is a product that integrates with your current SCADA, production and e-ticketing systems to reduce manual input from dispatch personnel and deliver optimal decisions for the multitude of options available. Limitless Delivery uses tank levels to triage load call-outs and moves them into dispatch using our model to ensure maximum delivery while maintaining production and limiting use of constrained resources. Limitless Delivery offers a no-headache solution to achieving peak delivery efficiency.

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