Blue River Analytics joins The Leeds Group


by Steve Leeds

The Leeds Group
Vice President

The Leeds Group is pleased to announce an agreement has been signed to provide networking, advertising and marketing services for Blue River Analytics, company doing business in Denver, Colorado. Blue River and Leeds Group demonstrate a shared commitment in assisting our customers create more value by optimizing the decision-making processes through improved analytics.

Blue River Analytics helps oil and gas companies create a competitive advantage by developing advanced analytics tools. As a partner in the deployment, training, and application delivery process, Blue River will maximize your software investment. Blue River Analytics extends the power of TIBCO Spotfire within their customers’ organizations. Their team of experts work collaboratively with customers to understand the data assets, training needs, and most effective ways to utilize the power of Spotfire’s suite of products and features.

“A partnership with Leeds Group provides Blue River instant access to over 50+ years oil and gas sales, marketing and product experience. Their extensive network, access to decision makers and a fresh and creative approach to ‘classic’ and digital marketing, made it a simple decision for us. One deal pays for the subscription.”, John Buckley, co-founder of Blue River Analytics.

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to work with John Buckley, Mindy Stone and the Blue River Team! BRA is a young and innovative group that has recognized a need in the quickly expanding area of data science. I’ve watched as they’ve quickly grown to meet the demands of a leaner and leaner industry find more value in the reams of data that has been measured and collected through the years. They’re work with Spotfire brings many levels of efficiency and money-saving analytics to the Geoscientist at his fingertips! Keep your eye on Blue River Analytics; they’re doing great things! Visit them today at

The Leeds Group was established in 2014 to provide networking, advertising, and marketing services for the upstream oil and gas technology service community and is located in Denver, Colorado. We help our members advertise their products and services by providing networking opportunities. Leeds Group provides monthly services including digital marketing, technical events, and social events in a multi-platform approach. We also provide proprietary services to help customers build their brand. We know how and where to find your customers.


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