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I had a meeting yesterday with an amazing person that is an accomplished international geologist, Chairman, and Founder of a highly successful international operating company, and a beautiful person. She has become a mentor and even what I might call a ‘guide’ on my new journey. 

We talked about the power that exists within all of us, the unlimited potential that we all possess but so often deny and keep covered up. She attributes her success in her business and her happiness in life to believing in this power, this energy, and letting it flow through her. And I mean believing with all of her heart and soul. I had goosebumps throughout our conversation; I could feel her energy! It was inspiring! She never questioned its existence.

We spoke of being in the flow and being out of the flow. The flow, of course, is that energy that flows from the Source of all energy. Some call it God, some call it Universe, some say Vibration, some say Higher Power. It may be an uncomfortable idea, even ‘crazy’ to some but when I look at her level of success, her enthusiasm, her intentions, her purpose, I was moved. I believed. 

I relate to the idea of ‘flow’. Those are the days when the world around us is simply amazing. The sky, the clouds, the close friends, our families, the music, the conversation, the food, everything is just right. No worries in the world; everything feels calm and in order. I have those days. It’s fabulous! I’m not fighting, I’m not resisting, I’m not arguing. I am completely, 100%, in the moment. I am totally present. I’m not worrying about tomorrow nor regretting yesterday. I am not in resentment. I am in total and complete love, compassion, and joy. I am in sync with the Universe, with the Higher Power. We often say, ‘not a care in the world’. Those are the days we are ‘in the flow’. I know I am here for a reason, a purpose.

I also know those days when I am NOT in the flow. I hit every stoplight, I’m in a rush and someone didn’t put gas in the car, I miss an important meeting, I am impatient with the barista, I fight with my wife, I post a controversial topic and argue with the responses, I am worried about the future, I lay awake at night in a cold sweat. I am NOT in sync with anything, let alone ‘the Universe’ and especially not with myself. I am fighting the flow, knowing that I know best! I question, “why am I here, what am I doing?”

Thats why it’s important to have people around us that can help us get back in the flow. That’s where serenity lies, that’s where you will find the right answers, that’s where you will discover your true path, your purpose, your meaning. Seek those people. They will help you find the answers, they will help you find serenity. Then life will flow.


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