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What got you here, won’t get you there. Let us take you to a different direction where you can find greater purpose and meaning in life.


Coaching involves change, often transformative change, to unlock your potential and maximize your performance. Coaching helps bring about change through a thought-provoking and creative partnership inspiring clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. Transformation comes about as a result of achieving goals, fulfilling commitments, changing habits, and bringing a compelling vision to life.


I work with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and company founders to help create effective strategies to improve performance, manage organizational changes, discover alternative pathways, and give clarity on future decisions for their companies.


Mentoring involves a transfer of knowledge and experience. As a mentor, I share my professional experiences, provide guidance and emotional support as a role model using my 40 years in business as a salesman, executive leader, and entrepreneur. Together, in a safe environment, we work to evaluate your current perspectives, challenge you to consider alternative perspectives, set goals and objectives to accelerate your learning and achievements.



Real People. Real Results

"For anyone questioning Steve’s coaching and mentoring “bona fides” ... please let me say that Steve has always been willing to brainstorm problem solutions with me for Resource Analytics because he just wanted to see my venture be successful. He had no skin in the game ... he just cared. Good luck Steve Leeds with the Leeds Group! Highly recommend you discuss your problematic business issues with him today."

Paul Devine

Founder, Resource Analytics

"On a professional level, Steve has seen it all, good and bad; he isvery knowledgeable about multiple aspects of the oil and gasindustry. On a personal level, he is genuine, and ourconversations are always authentic, inspiring, and motivational."

Brandy Butler

Consulting Geologist (PG) for Energy Sector Projects, Windy Mountain Energy

"Steve has a gift for listening carefully, processing the information and main issues, and subtly suggesting new viewpoints and actions-- often his questions would get me to say what was truly in my heart, or to reconsider choices with a different and more positive perspective.  I highly recommend Steve and The Leeds Group for anyone interested in finding meaning through difficult times, exploring life changes as something to be embraced rather than feared, and in need of a considerate, caring sounding board and supportive coach to help you identify your goals and act on them.!"

Brian G. Ruskin


"I have gotten to know Steve over the past couple of years and particularly in the past 6 months. Every time I meet with him in person, talk on the phone or simply connect on LI, I feed off of his energy. Anyone who is not connected to Steve on LI who needs help in a career transition or general advice during our trying times, please reach out to him and get connected!"

Robert Wright

Consulting Reservoir Engineer


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